Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alfred 4 Music

A slightly odd one today. Not so much about sound but definitely useful when working with sound. In the video I show off a free app (mac only) called Alfred and how I use it to help me do the daily things I do with music on and offline. Alfred is generic and will do whatever you want but I made a video showing it off in an audio context. I love it and hopefully it is of some interest to you.


2BiT said...

When did you go Mac?

AudioLemon said...

ha... just there. We got all Macs in BIFE - 2 Mac Pro and 25 Imacs - tasty :)

2BiT said...

Jaysis...the whole world's gone to the dark side :D

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed this post for some of it's ideas for custom searches. Any chance you'd be willing to share the queries you've already made? Maybe just make a screenshot where we can see the entire search URL?