Monday, July 08, 2013

Echo - echo..echo...Anecho

If you've ever had the chance to step into an audio reflection free room (AKA Anechoic Chamber) you'll know that it is a deeply strange experience. Because we are so reliant on using reflections of sound from our environment to position ourselves in space, many people actually experience, dizziness, vertigo or even fall over if they're in there too long. They're often used to test microphones or loudspeaker frequency responses...but apparently other sorts of signals too. Anyway...New Scientist has the scoop.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Computer Music-Hard Drive, Printer, Scope-Gotye

So I guess this is doing the rounds (2m views+) and it's along the lines of stuff we've shown before...but _really_ well done! YouTube-r bd594 uses a mix "music, electronics, robotics and high voltage circuits" to bend components such as hard drives, a scanjet printer, Amiga and oscilloscope to recreate popular tunes such as Gotye's 'Somebody I used to know' and The Animals 'House of the Rising Sun'.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Low frequency illusion-Water & Sound

Ye may have seen this elsewhere but it was new to me! A low frequency sine wave synced to the frame rate of the camera recording causes the illusion of water 'freezing' in place or even flowing backwards!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stop SOPA Ireland!


Am I legally allowed repost this image? I have no idea. I wonder if Sean Sherlock (Labour), the Junior Minister in charge of bringing in the Irish version of the SOPA act, has thought about it much. No public vote, no oireachtas vote, no mention on IMRO website and an almost deathly media silence - Irish SOPA is planned to be whispered into law before the end of January. Only for this Wired post today I would never have heard about it.

Read this blog by T J McIntyre, an Irish legal expert and lecturer for a better explanation of what Irish SOPA is and how it could negatively affect technical and creative arts in Ireland.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Porky Prime Cuts - George Peckham

Vinyl junkies of a certain age are probably familiar with the 'A Porky Prime Cut' slogan etched into the runout groove of many a record...and here's a little interview with George 'Porky' Peckham himself (talking to Nico of No U-Turn Records). Not too many tips given away but the guy's a living legend (to some).

Bonus: cool record pix from Schallplatten

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alfred 4 Music

A slightly odd one today. Not so much about sound but definitely useful when working with sound. In the video I show off a free app (mac only) called Alfred and how I use it to help me do the daily things I do with music on and offline. Alfred is generic and will do whatever you want but I made a video showing it off in an audio context. I love it and hopefully it is of some interest to you.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

AudioLemon - Dub Siren

A Dub Siren built in Max4Live inspired by the one found on Dub Scrolls. A Square wave controlled by 2 independent LFO's (a rectified sine and a pulse) both with retriggered phase, and a chopper section. There are 20 MIDI CC accessible internal presets and new ones can be saved as a seperate instance or with your track. It was designed to be used Live so it is very simple, very user friendly and sounds just about right I think. For more information just open it up and have a look inside.

You can download it from

I hope you like it!